Not Ya Mama’s Film Teacher…

Far from your run of the mill trainer/speaker, Anthony Q. Artis is an inspirational, humorous, dynamic film instructor with a distinct and engaging no-B.S. purely practical approach to the art and craft of filmmaking. He’s not ya mama’s film teacher. He’s a new breed of instructor for a new generation of smart filmmakers.

Anthony takes a unique and holistic approach to film education, by not just addressing the technical and logistical aspects of filmmaking, but also the many real-world mental, social, and purely practical issues that trip up and discourage aspiring filmmakers.

He doesn’t just educate his audience, he motivates and empowers them with powerful guerrilla tactics and a new mindset to help them overcome the many obstacles to becoming a successful filmmaker.

“Bring me your confused, intimidated and discouraged film masses and I will show them the way! It doesn’t take money to make films. It takes resources. I teach my students how to maximize limited resources to master the art, craft and hustle of filmmaking.”

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Anthony Artis dispenses with the mumble jumble that traditionally bogs down newbie film makers and drives the point home, GET OUT THERE AND MAKE THE MOVIE!
Bilal Millette, Trinidad & Tobago

After hearing Anthony speak, I felt sure that I could make all the hundreds of films running around in my head. It was truly inspiring. I surfed his blog. I bought his book, The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide and I put it all into practice. Last month it was truly a thrill to see my film on the big screen at a real movie theater as part of The New York Independent Film Festival.
Susan Shaw, New York, NY

Artis demystifies tech talk and shares hard-won tips so you can avoid mistakes.
Maud Dillingham, Massachusetts

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