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Spike Talks the State of Film, NYC and America in General

Posted by Anthony - July 18, 2012 - Interviews SpikeLee

(*photo courtesy of Vulture.com) Just came a cross this lengthy and thought-provoking interview with Spike Lee by Will Leith on the entertainment website Vulture.com.  Way beyond the usual film convo, this interview delves into politics, NYC, sports and some of Spike’s sobering thoughts on how things have changed since he grew up in NYC. Read it [...]

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PEEP THIS: Spike Lee’s Creative Dolly Shots

Posted by Anthony - April 23, 2012 - Cinematography, Experimental MalcolmDolly

 Indiewire posted a nice article by Matt Zoller Seitz and Richard Cruz examining Spike Lee’s creative use of signature dolly shots across his film career.  Richard Cruz edited a whole series of them together to create the cool little video essay below. Peep the Spike Video Essay montage below, then check out the clip from Scorsese’s [...]

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PEEP THIS: Spike Lee’s Controversial “Red Hook Summer” Q&A at Sundance

Posted by Anthony - January 28, 2012 - Film Festivals, News, Panels and Conversations SpikeSundance2012

If you didn’t catch my earlier post, Spike Lee is about to drop a new self-financed movie shot on a Sony F3 Super 35mm Video Camera entitled, Red Hook Summer , which just premiered at Sundance 2012. Never one to shy away from controversy, when asked a question by audience member, Chris Rock, about what he would [...]

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Spike Lee Talks About His New Film, Sundance and the State of Black Film

Posted by Anthony - January 20, 2012 - Interviews redhook-summer

Stacey Wilson of The Hollywood Reporter just dropped an informative Q&A with director, Spike Lee, who is never one short of an opinion or candid insight on the world of filmmaking.  Spike get’s right to the heart of the matter discussing why all-Black films rarely get greenlit in Hollywood. My favorite quote from the interview [...]

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Spike Tells It Like It Is to Young Filmmakers

Posted by Anthony - October 31, 2011 - Candid Advice, Career Advice, Directing spikeleespeaksAP

(AP File Photo) Just saw this posted by our friends at Shadow and Act and had to share also.  This man is one of my inspirations.  Shortly after seeing “Do the Right Thing”, I officially switched my major to filmmaking and never looked back…Listen and learn.  

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