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Career Seminar @ DCTV This Week

Posted by Anthony - December 1, 2008 - Candid Advice, Career Advice

This Friday night December 5, 2008 – 7:30pm I will be returning to one of my favorite filmmaking establishments in New York City – DCTV a.k.a. Downtown Community Television (DCTVNY.org). If you are anywhere near NYC and in the documentary scene…you need to get down with DCTV if you aren’t already. I think this organization [...]

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Client’s Corner – Ian Hutchinson

Posted by Anthony - September 19, 2008 - Uncategorized

Many people confuse the terms “Down and Dirty” and “Guerrilla” filmmaking as somehow being inferior or half-assed filmmaking methodologies or philosophies that compromise quality and professionalism. These are the very same type of people that marched the well-uniformed British Army in straight orderly lines across open fields while a ragtag bunch of American patriots whipped [...]

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FREE – Interview Bootcamp at B&H Aug.6th

Posted by Anthony - August 5, 2008 - Interviews, Lighting

Once again I will be rolling out some new premium seminar material at B&H Superstore Event Space in midtown Manhattan. This time up I will be giving a thoroughly engaging Interview Bootcamp. See event description below: Down and Dirty DV’s Interview Bootcamp – Weds. Aug. 6th – 11am -2pm Come join us at the Event [...]

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35mm Adapter Class at Gotham Digital

Posted by Anthony - April 29, 2008 - Uncategorized

As digital filmmaking continues to lap at the heels of celluloid filmmaking, new tools keep emerging to help close the remaining gap in visual quality between the two mediums. Some of the most prominent recent tools in the digital vs. film image-quality battle to date are: 1. 24P video cameras2. More affordable CMOS imaging chips3. [...]

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