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NYU Alums Represent at Sundance 2011

Posted by Anthony - January 27, 2011 - Film Festivals, Trailers, Uncategorized

Hey good people, after a busy winter hiatus I am back on the blog scene. I’ve been spending some much neded time with the family, finishing up some projects for some of my corporate clients and getting deep into writing my next book, The Shut Up and Shoot Freelancer’s Guide which I’ll be sharing exclusive [...]

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When "Safety First" becomes more than a Suggestion

Posted by Anthony - April 23, 2010 - Uncategorized

There is this great part of Jerry Seinfeld’s “I’m Telling You For The Last Time” standup set where he talks about warning labels and comments that the ONLY label warning that humans consistently pay attention to is “Dry Clean Only”. Low budget and guerrilla filmmaking is inherently risky. You are making due without the top [...]

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The Double Down Film Show is BACK!!!

Posted by Anthony - September 13, 2009 - Double Down Film Show

Summer’s over and it’s time to go back to school. Season 2 of The Double Down Film Show is kicking off with a candid conversation with the Dean of NYU Film School, Sheril Antonio, Ph.D. The Back to Film School Show How can prospective students get into NYU film school ? What should be in [...]

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This Is How You Do a Video in One Take!

Posted by Anthony - April 29, 2009 - Uncategorized

How do you make a hot-ass music video on a low budget with just one take? Easy- just use talent, creativity and hustle – The Down and Dirty formula. Sometimes less is more. Check out hip-hop artist, Nyle, performance in this live music video remake of Lil’ Wayne’s “Let the Beat Build” done by film [...]

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A Powerful New Short – ‘Us: A Love Story"

Posted by Anthony - February 15, 2009 - Uncategorized

Just wanted to give a share with everyone a short film that I recently had the pleasure of viewing. It’s called “Us: A Love Story” and it’s by a serious up and coming filmmaking talent and personal friend, Alrick Brown. Some of you may be familiar with Alrick from the reality series, Film School, which [...]

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