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Take My New Location Lighting Course on Lynda.com (For Free!)

Posted by Anthony - December 3, 2013 - Cinematography, Education, Lighting, Lynda.com AntLightingCourse

Good production people, many of you have lamented that you’d like to take a filmmaking class or seminar with me, but moving to New York and attending NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for 4 years isn’t exactly convenient for you with your day job, family life and house in another city and all.  Well, [...]

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LEARN: Developing a “Down and Dirty” Filmmaking Mindset

Posted by Anthony - October 18, 2012 - Budgeting, Education, Indie Film Bootcamp, Producing KapowScreen1

Down and Dirty filmmaking is not so much a set of specific filmmaking tactics or techniques, but rather a 24/7 mindset that should permeate every aspect of your filmmaking if you have limited resources.  (And let’s be real, almost all of us have limited resources.) One of the guerrilla concepts I discuss in the Indie [...]

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Get My 3-Hour Lynda.com Fundamentals of Video Course for FREE! (No B.S.)

Posted by Anthony - July 31, 2012 - Announcements, Education, Instructional DVDs FundVidScreen1

A week or so ago I dropped a free chapter of my new Lynda.com course Fundamentals of Video: Cameras and Shooting.  Well today, courtesy of my ultra coolass peeps at Lynda.com I’m gonna drop the whole 3-hour course on you and all ya peeps completely for FREE. That’s right – the whole damn thang! No [...]

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Digital Hippo Proclaims: “Officially one of the best ‘how to’ books on film-making that I have had in my hands.”

Posted by Anthony - January 24, 2012 - Book Reviews, Education BookPages1

The Digital Hippo website just posted the first in-depth review of The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Not just because it’s a good review, but moreso because the review cited all the things I was really struggling to get right in crafting the content, tone and style [...]

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SPOTLIGHT: NYU Film and TV – Documentary

Posted by Anthony - November 2, 2011 - Documentary, Education, Film School DocumentaryTitle

This is the first batch in a series of Double7Images signature BioCasts that we were commissioned to create for the fabled Film and TV Program at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, alma mater to the likes of Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, Todd Phillips, Oliver Stone and many more. The objective was to create [...]

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