Product Description

A quick-study Audiobook and E-book primer in all the basics of shooting wedding videos. From where to place the camera to collecting the money, this digital download breaks it all down.

This dynamic package will give you straight-forward tips to prepare for and shoot dynamic professional wedding videos.

Make cash with your camera on the weekends and improve your filmmaking skills while you do it, but don’t shoot your first wedding without studying this ultra-practical ebook and audio crash course.

This is a candid crash course consultation in how to shoot a wedding video…and make it look hot. The focus is on preparation, practical video and audio considerations, camera position, wedding video etiquette, and avoiding the most common mistakes that trip up new wedding videographers.

Direct from the Anthony Q. Artis, Author of “The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide” Focal Press, and host of the filmmaking blog and podcast.

About the Author

Anthony Q. Artis is a veteran film and tv producer, Adjunct Professor at NYU’s acclaimed film school, and private consultant who specializes in teaching young filmmakers the secrets to resourceful filmmaking without compromising production value.


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