Indie Film Boot Camp – Deluxe 6-DVD Set

Filmmakers, What is Nobody Telling You?

It’s a hard fact that some of the most valuable filmmaking knowledge is not really covered in most filmmaking classes and seminars. The insider tips, tactics and techniques that we deliver in this 6-DVD series are all things that you will eventually learn if you stay in the industry and keep making films and video.

But the real question is – How will you learn them?…Through the usual expensive trial and error, morale-busting mistakes and years of hard knocks in the trenches? OR By learning vicariously from the shared experience of other independent filmmakers like you that have already been there and done that?

Nobody Told Us Either

Between the three instructors presenting these seminar, we’ve taken our indie lumps several times over. When we started out nobody told us some of the most crucial things we needed to master to become better filmmakers and consistently create professional-quality videos. From the intricacies of wooing an investor to the perils of shooting without permits…we learned it all the hard way.

With the Indie Film Bootcamp DVD Series, you can learn it all the EASY way – from our mistakes and hard-won experience. And not just our mistakes, but also our many indie successes. Between us, we’ve taken multiple top prizes at major film festivals, produced music videos and shows on MTV, been screened on Showtime and Starz, wooed and directed A-list talent, and screened films at Sundance, Slamdance, Tribeca and beyond. However, the reality is that if we knew just half of what we’re share in Indie Film Bootcamp, we could have done it all faster, cheaper and with even better results.

If you’re just beginning your filmmaking journey or stalled out somewhere in the middle, we pose the crucial question:

What is nobody telling you that’s holding back your filmmaking progress?

Actionable Knowledge & Advice

We’ve packed more than 25 years of combined indie filmmaking experience into six dynamic seminars that shed light on everything you won’t learn in film school, books and other seminars. We’ll teach you exactly where and how you can take effective short cut’s to save precious time and money, as well as which common amateur filmmaker short cuts will derail your project.

This seminar series will present all the practical filmmaking knowledge that you need to make your films and videos better, faster, and cheaper in 8 hours of:

  • SPECIFIC – Insider Techniques & Tactics
  • PRACTICAL – Filmmaking Tips and Wisdom
  • CANDID – Real-world Advice
  • INSPIRATIONAL – Case studies and examples

…All jam-packed into six one-of-a-kind indie filmmaking seminars from three dynamic and unique voices on the indie film scene that have already been there and done that. We’ll teach you everything we’ve learned the hard way….so you won’t have to.

This is a unique opportunity to receive 8+ hours of straight-up practical and real-world advice and get a jump start on the things you most need to succeed from fundraising to guerrilla production tactics to specific digital video tips and techniques. This is knowledge and advice that you can immediately apply to make your projects better, faster, and cheaper.

You Get 6 One-of-a-Kind Filmmaking Seminars:

Down and Dirty Filmmaking: Guerrilla Tactics – Professional Results

An overview of guerrilla film making philosophy, tactics, and procedures that can be applied to any budget, any camera, any time.  Learn the mindset and specific practices it takes to maximize your film making resources and increase production value.  This is Anthony’s most popular  seminar as presented across Europe and at the Annual National Association of Broadcasters Conference in Las Vegas.

Anthony Q. Artis | Run Time: 1 hr. 30mins.

Sample video clip from this seminar: Down and Dirty Filmmaking Excerpt – “Attracting Name Talent” from Anthony Artis on Vimeo.

A Pinks Video

How To Make a $1 Million Video (…without $1 Million)

Nowadays, anyone can access the tools to make a music video or new media project, but only a few can make them good enough to land paying corporate clients and be aired on major tv networks. Whiz kid video director, Benjamin Ahr Harrison, of Double 7 Film will give you an overview of the cutting edge digital tools, techniques, and practical strategies that can help you make music videos, commercials and other impressive, low cost/high production value videos that blow away audiences and keep clients coming back for more.

Benjamin Ahr Harrison | Run Time: 1hr. 20mins.


Documentary Interview Bootcamp

An A-Z overview of all the facets for conducting a successful interview – from the technical practices of camera, audio and lighting to the practical techniques of planning and conducting interviews. This workshop is perfect for aspiring documentary filmmakers, small businesses, corporate videographers, and video journalists who are looking to expand and sharpen their skill set.

Anthony Q. Artis | Run Time: 1 hr. 30mins.

Documentary Interview Boot Camp – Questions 101 from Anthony Artis on Vimeo.

The Psychology & Technique of Directing

You know the difference between close-ups and tracking shots, you’re familiar with who should be doing what on your set, but what do you do when personalities clash, time is running out, and you suddenly realize that you weren’t as prepared as you thought? This seminar will arm you with the necessary tactics to manage any production and ensure that your creative vision is translated to cast, crew, and most importantly, the audience that will see your film.

Pete Chatmon | Run Time: 1hr. 30mins.


Raising Funds and Pitching…Effectively

What good is a great idea if it never gets off the page? Raising money is the hardest part of filmmaking at every level, nevertheless, we all leave resources untapped due to poor self-promotion, ineffective proposals, and failing to speak the language of the investor, executive, or any other type of person sitting across the table. Being able to secure financing means being able to sell your idea. This seminar will help you streamline your efforts as you embark on the beautiful journey of going from script to screen.

Pete Chatmon | Run Time: 1hr. 30mins.

Raising Funds and Pitching…Effectively from Anthony Artis on Vimeo.


Learn, Break In & Rise Up In The Biz

No one ever said breaking into the film and tv industry was easy, especially during an economic crisis! If you’ve recently graduated from film school, or are looking to make a career transition, then this seminar is the perfect introduction into the real world of film and TV.  This is a one of a kind seminar guaranteed to inspire and motivate and fully-arm attendees with the attitude and counter-intuitive wisdom they need to advance in the film and tv industry.  Presented only 3 times in 3 years, Anthony, will reveal his winning 5-step formula for getting noticed and promoted on any job in any field of entertainment or beyond.  Using the steps outlined in this seminar, attendees will get a no-nonsense blue-print for better learning their craft, aquiring more power and control over their circumstances and parlaying an entry-level (or even temp job) in the industry into a major career break.  This course is highly-recommended for anyone that aspires to work for a major network, studio, production company or other corporate entertainment company.

Anthony Q. Artis | Run Time: 1 hr. 45 mins.

We’ll Tell You What They Won’t

We aren’t just going to help prepare you for the technical and procedural side of filmmaking. We will also cover some of the most crucial business, social and psychological aspects of the industry that are often overlooked, but have just as much impact on the final product.

We will teach you how to:

  • Clearly conceive, plan and EXECUTE your creative vision
  • MAXIMIZE production value despite limited resources
  • Adopt a BULLET-PROOF indie mindset and philosophy
  • Develop a solid STRATEGY for long-term career success

…all detailed from our own personal experience, step-by-step with clear illustrations and examples that you can follow and apply to your own work. But be warned, after you watch Indie Film Bootcamp you won’t be able to say nobody told you.

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