Down & Dirty Filmmaking DVD: Guerrilla Tactics for Professional Results

This 4-part seminar DVD is an illustrated overview and explanation of guerrilla filmmaking philosophy and specific insider tactics that can be applied to “Any budget, Any camera, Any time.”

This Seminar DVD Will Help You:

  • Learn specific guerrilla tactics and tecniques.
  • Increase production value without going broke.
  • Learn what they don’t teach you in film school.
  • Inspire you to creatively tackle common obstacles.
  • Adopt an unstoppable creative guerrilla mindset.

What’s Revealed Inside…

If you are a filmmaker on a tight budget, you can’t instantly change your production limitations or experience level. However, you can always change your filmmaking mindset and increase your knowledge base anytime you want to. This dvd will help you do both.

Learn the down and dirty filmmaking mindset and guerrilla tactics and techniques to maximize your filmmaking resources and increase the production value of your projects.

Whether you are a student, hobbyist or video pro working on a narrative feature, documentary, music video, or just a personal project, this one-of-a-kind seminar won’t just teach you, but it will also inspire you to make your video projects look, sound and feel more professional with whatever resources you have available…Free your mind, and your budget will follow.

This is an illustrated overview and explanation of guerrilla filmmaking philosophy and specific insider tactics that can be applied to “any budget, any camera, any time”. Tm

This 4-part seminar starts off by helping you understand what it means to be guerrilla and embrace a guerrilla mindset and principles, then it shows you a wide variety of creative and practical ways to increase production value and finally closes with another round of targeted tips to help you lower your project budget and stretch your limited resources onscreen.

Plus, there’ even a 15 min. Bonus tutorial featuring the full version of Down & Dirty DV’s infamous “5 Sound Rules to Live By”!

Who Else Has Learned These Methods?…

Over the years anthony has taught his unique guerrilla filmmaking classes and seminars to students and filmmakers at:

  • New York University – New York
  • School of Audio Engineering – Amsterdam & London
  • Film Base – Ireland
  • Down Town Community Television – New York
  • Apple Store Soho – New York
  • B&H Superstore – New York
  • LaGuardia High School for the Arts – New York
  • Baltimore County Public Schools – Baltimore

Additionally his book, the Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide, is required reading at more than a dozen major universities and film schools across the U.S. And around the world and was just adopted in Spanish as well.

Free Sample Content

Purchase the Full Seminar DVD & Special Bonus Tutorial “5 Sound Rules to Live By”

$24.99 + $3.99 S&H

Run time: 1 hour 22 mins.
Recorded Live at D.C.T.V. in New York City

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