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LEARN: Developing a “Down and Dirty” Filmmaking Mindset

Posted by Anthony - October 18, 2012 - Budgeting, Education, Indie Film Bootcamp, Producing KapowScreen1

Down and Dirty filmmaking is not so much a set of specific filmmaking tactics or techniques, but rather a 24/7 mindset that should permeate every aspect of your filmmaking if you have limited resources.  (And let’s be real, almost all of us have limited resources.) One of the guerrilla concepts I discuss in the Indie [...]

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What Does a Film Producer Do?

Posted by Anthony - February 14, 2012 - Filmmaking Articles, Producing Live&Die_Freeway

What exactly does a film producer do?  Producer, Deborah Osment, has a great answer in this illuminating post on FilmSlate’s website. I’m basically a rare film jack-of-all-trades (producing, directing, audio, lighting, shooting, etc.), but master of none – except actually being a jack of all filmmaking trades – which is a specialized and valuable skill in and [...]

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