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Get My 3-Hour Fundamentals of Video Course for FREE! (No B.S.)

Posted by Anthony - July 31, 2012 - Announcements, Education, Instructional DVDs FundVidScreen1

A week or so ago I dropped a free chapter of my new course Fundamentals of Video: Cameras and Shooting.  Well today, courtesy of my ultra coolass peeps at I’m gonna drop the whole 3-hour course on you and all ya peeps completely for FREE. That’s right – the whole damn thang! No [...]

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Breaking Down the Different Types of Video Cameras from No-Budget to Pro-Budget

Posted by Anthony - July 16, 2012 - Cameras, Education, Instructional DVDs, FundVidScreen2

Earlier this year I put out my first ever online Video Camera Buyer’s Guide to help you sift through some of the most popular and well-reviewed prosumer and pro video cameras. While that guide provides a great overview of what’s out there, it may not necessarily help you figure out what type of video camera [...]

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Indie Film Boot Camp Clip: Raising Funds and Pitching…Effectively

Posted by Anthony - October 24, 2011 - Candid Advice, Education, Fundraising, Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs PitchingStillFrame2

  Wondering what type of practical real-world info is in the Indie Film Boot Camp 6-DVD Set?  Ask no more, here’s a sneak peek: Description: What good is a great idea if it never gets off the page? Raising money is the hardest part of filmmaking at every level, nevertheless, we all leave resources untapped [...]

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Another Dope New Animated Music Video by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

Posted by Anthony - August 9, 2011 - Animation, Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs, Music Video SomeHungryGuy3

Check out this dope new music video by my man Benjamin Ahr Harrison whose work I’ve profiled on this blog more than once.  Ben’s diverse music video work represents the essence of the Down and Dirty DV philosophy of skills over tools to achieve superior production value. Ben is also the music video whiz kid [...]

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A Full-fledged iPad Teleprompter…Word!

Posted by Anthony - May 27, 2011 - Corporate Video, Instructional DVDs PromptsterPro

If you follow Down and Dirty DV at all, you’ve no doubt heard one of my occasional rants about the outrageous cost of teleprompters ($1200+ most models) which are a vital tool, especially if you do instructional, corporate or any other kind of scripted non-fiction production.  Only in the last year and a half with [...]

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