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LEARN: Developing a “Down and Dirty” Filmmaking Mindset

Posted by Anthony - October 18, 2012 - Budgeting, Education, Indie Film Bootcamp, Producing KapowScreen1

Down and Dirty filmmaking is not so much a set of specific filmmaking tactics or techniques, but rather a 24/7 mindset that should permeate every aspect of your filmmaking if you have limited resources.  (And let’s be real, almost all of us have limited resources.) One of the guerrilla concepts I discuss in the Indie [...]

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Indie Film Boot Camp Clip: Raising Funds and Pitching…Effectively

Posted by Anthony - October 24, 2011 - Candid Advice, Education, Fundraising, Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs PitchingStillFrame2

  Wondering what type of practical real-world info is in the Indie Film Boot Camp 6-DVD Set?  Ask no more, here’s a sneak peek: Description: What good is a great idea if it never gets off the page? Raising money is the hardest part of filmmaking at every level, nevertheless, we all leave resources untapped [...]

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Another Dope New Animated Music Video by Benjamin Ahr Harrison

Posted by Anthony - August 9, 2011 - Animation, Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs, Music Video SomeHungryGuy3

Check out this dope new music video by my man Benjamin Ahr Harrison whose work I’ve profiled on this blog more than once.  Ben’s diverse music video work represents the essence of the Down and Dirty DV philosophy of skills over tools to achieve superior production value. Ben is also the music video whiz kid [...]

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How to Change the World…One Person at A Time

Posted by Anthony - August 10, 2010 - Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs

I started Down and Dirty DV as a way to share my little bit of guerrilla knowledge and insight with those who are walking the same filmmaking path I began almost 20 years ago. I’ve discovered along the way that moreso than filmmaking even, I really enjoy teaching, inspiring and encouraging others to make the [...]

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Posted by Anthony - July 27, 2010 - Indie Film Bootcamp, Instructional DVDs

3 SPEAKERS / 6 SEMINARS / 8+ HOURS For everyone who couldn’t get tickets to our sold out INDIE FILM BOOT CAMP event earlier this Spring, every seminar and handout is now available in a DELUXE 6-DVD SET. For more info on the seminars and to order your copy go to: The first 20 [...]

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