Category: Horror Movies Gives “The SUSFVG” a Scary Good Book Review

Posted by Anthony - February 21, 2012 - Book Reviews, Horror Movies HorrorTalk1

Another week and there’s another review out on my new book, The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide.  Despite the title that refers to the book’s focus on the specific freelance video genres – marketing videos, wedding videos, music videos and live events – most of the advice on shooting, lighting and audio techniques, [...]

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What’s the Scariest Film You Ever Saw?

Posted by Anthony - August 19, 2011 - Horror Movies, Movies to Watch The Exorcist-11

Yesterday the NY Times posed the conversation-starting question on it’s blog, “What’s the Scariest Film You Ever Saw?”.  My personal answer is William Friedkin’s “The Exorcist” starring Linda Blair which I actually saw in the theater during it’s original release when I was just 6 years old.  (Yes, my father took me to see the [...]

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A Surprising Horror Treat

Posted by Anthony - January 31, 2009 - Horror Movies, Movies to Watch gingersnaps_wal-werewolf-movies-10236146-1024-768

(Fan art by The Countess) My man Dustin Chang director of the indie, Obviously Subtle, is one of the single most prolific cinema-philes I know. This guy knows and has turned me on to really great obscure little movies from all over the planet that I would’ve never discovered were it not for his recommendation [...]

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