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What Does a Film Producer Do?

Posted by Anthony - February 14, 2012 - Filmmaking Articles, Producing Live&Die_Freeway

What exactly does a film producer do?  Producer, Deborah Osment, has a great answer in this illuminating post on FilmSlate’s website. I’m basically a rare film jack-of-all-trades (producing, directing, audio, lighting, shooting, etc.), but master of none – except actually being a jack of all filmmaking trades – which is a specialized and valuable skill in and [...]

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The Imminent Death of Film

Posted by Anthony - October 9, 2011 - Filmmaking Articles, News DeathOfFilm

Like it or not, the day is soon coming that will mark “The Death of Film”.  Since the age of DV began more than a decade ago, digital video technology and tools have been getting better and better and is in more wide use, while at the exact same time film technology and usage has [...]

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My Advice to Help You Master the Craft

Posted by Anthony - August 22, 2011 - Cinematography, Corporate Video, Documentary, Filmmaking Articles, Focal Press MasteringFilmScene

Photo by: Ricardodiaz11 Peeps and peepettes, in case you missed them just wanted to point out a bunch of filmmaking articles I have up on the FREE site  Not only will you find articles by me, but also some of the hottest film book authors in the game all courtesy of Focal Press.  Check [...]

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You Have $5,000… What’s the Ideal Documentary Kit?

Posted by Anthony - August 18, 2011 - Cameras, Equipment, Filmmaking Articles CameraFarAway

Of all the emails and questions I get, the most common probably center around some variation of, “What camera should I buy?”.  And the answer of course depends on your budget and what you want to shoot (and how many times I’ve already answered this question that particular week). Even armed with this info, there [...]

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The NY Times Schools You to Scene Anatomy

Posted by Anthony - July 15, 2011 - Directing, Education, Filmmaking Articles AnatomyOfAScene

I generally stopped reading physical newspapers more than two years ago and instead get all my news from the online versions of the papers I like to read.  Apart from the savings, environmental and clutter issues, the best part of the online news sources is that they offer more in the way of video, photos [...]

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