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Denzel Washington Breaks Down the Key to Achieving Your Filmmaking Dreams

Posted by Anthony - May 12, 2014 - Acting, Candid Advice, Career Advice, Motivation and Inspiration denzel-washington-safe-house-black-enterprise

(photo: Black Enterprise) I know it’s been a long minute since I last put up a blog post here. I actually have a few dozen things I’ve wanted to write about and share for some time now, but had my nose to the grindstone completely revamping and updating the brand-new 2nd Edition of my first book, [...]

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PEEP THIS: The Digital Evolution Will Be Green Screened (Actually, EVERYTHING Will Be)

Posted by Anthony - February 28, 2013 - Candid Advice, Cinematography, Stunts and Special FX GreenScreen_SherifYousef

Thought I’d share this cool video I came across via Doddle that helps shed some light on the current Hollywood discussion du jour about major VFX (Visual Effects) houses going bankrupt. I think it’s a fascinating – if scary – development in the ever-expanding “Digital Evolution”. Notice I didn’t say, “Digital Revolution”.  The Digital Revolution is [...]

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Ira Glass Shares His Storytelling Secrets

Posted by Anthony - July 31, 2012 - Candid Advice, Interviews TAM-Ira Glass

My absolute favorite show of all time is This American Life …and that’s saying a lot, because This American Life is primarily an NPR documentary radio show, not a tv show. (Although they did do some video episodes of the show as well on Showtime.) However, I would put T.A.M.  up against just about any [...]

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PEEP THIS: First Time Filmmaker F*ck-Ups (You Know You’ve Done Some)

Posted by Anthony - February 16, 2012 - Candid Advice, Film Books FirstTimeF-Ups

Check out this funny (but sadly all-too-true) trailer from my fellow Focal author Daryl Goldberg promoting his new book, First Time Filmmaker F*ck Ups. I can definitely relate to some of these, but I won’t say which ones.  How ’bout you?  Be honest, you’ve done at least one of these things along the way and [...]

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The Jerry Maguire-like Mission Statement that Every Filmmaker Should Read

Posted by Anthony - January 25, 2012 - Candid Advice, Career Advice KatzenbergMemo1

So I just came across this remarkable memo courtesy of a tweet by filmmaker Chris Jones of Living Spirit Pictures (also author of one of my favorite filmmaking books not written by me – The Guerrilla Filmmakers Handbook ). The memo – really a mission statement moreso than mere memo – is from Disney/Dreamworks film giant Jeffrey [...]

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