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TRICKZ: No Wireless Mic? No Problem – An Easy Ultra Low-Budget Solution

Posted by Anthony - October 18, 2012 - Audio, Cell Phone Cinema, Equipment CheapAudioTricks1

Just came across a very cool audio trick from Linden Hudson at  It is the very essence of the Down and Dirty Filmmaking philosophy that I just wrote about in my previous post.  It’s a simple and brilliant example of how to creatively diagnose and solve your everyday filmmaking problems. Free ya mind and your budget [...]

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Check Out My Brand New “Fundamentals of Video” Course on

Posted by Anthony - June 11, 2012 - Audio, Cinematography, Education, Lighting, LyndaLogo2

  It’s been a long minute since I’ve last put up a blog post, so wanted to come back with a bang.  I mentioned awhile back that I would have some big news in the realm of film education and I can now officially share that news- which is my brand-spanking new video course on entitled [...]

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TOOLZ: Jawbone’s Jambox Speakers

Posted by Anthony - December 14, 2011 - Audio, Equipment jawbone-jambox-black-hand-lg

Man does not live by video alone…there’s also audio.  At the top of my Christmas wishlist this year is a wireless Jawbone Jambox speaker. We consume so much media on our TVs, smart phones and iPads from movies to games to apps and the displays are incredible, but the audio is usually acceptable at best.  [...]

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