PEEP THIS: “Star Wars” Episode IV Summed Up in 60 Seconds Flat!

Posted by Anthony - April 22, 2013 - Animation, Humor - No Comments

If you’re like me, there are probably still a handful of very well-known, popular and classic films that you’ve simply never seen for whatever reason- maybe it’s not your favorite genre, you’ve never caught it from the beginning on tv,  the original is dated and you already saw the remake (gasp!), etc.

Whatever our reason, we all have a few movies that people that know we’re filmmakers actually gasp out loud and drop their jaw in disbelief when they hear that we’ve never seen these seminal films.  

Director, George Lucas, Star Wars is definitely one such title that will elicit some shocked responses if you ever admitted that you’ve never seen it.  (And yes I did personally see Star Wars - on it’s original theatrical release – so save your gasps.)  However, if for any reason YOU are among the rare Star Wars-deprived filmmakers, Down and Dirty DV has got your back…  

Watch the 60 second clip below and you’ll be be able to avoid such an awkward moment the very next time the subject comes up at a party.  Enjoy Star Wars: A New Hope – Speed Run


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