PEEP THIS: The Digital Evolution Will Be Green Screened (Actually, EVERYTHING Will Be)

Posted by Anthony - February 28, 2013 - Candid Advice, Cinematography, Stunts and Special FX - 2 Comments

Thought I’d share this cool video I came across via Doddle that helps shed some light on the current Hollywood discussion du jour about major VFX (Visual Effects) houses going bankrupt. I think it’s a fascinating – if scary – development in the ever-expanding “Digital Evolution”.

Notice I didn’t say, “Digital Revolution”.  The Digital Revolution is over, baby.  Digital won and now it’s evolving at lightening speed and there will be pain and casualties for segments of the industry that can’t evolve fast enough to keep up with it.  (To be clear, I’m not necessarily saying here that it’s right or just, or even a good thing. – I’m just pointing out the very real and obvious fact that it is.)

I think one of the clearest indicators that illustrates the “is-ness” of The Digital Evolution is the video clip below, which graphically reveals that  almost everything these days is being shot with green-screen visual  effects. VFX are no longer just explosions and fantasy locations, but just about anything from city streets, to vehicles, to animals, to buildings, to crowds, to set dressing, to the weather… even the people onscreen in some projects are entirely digital.

I wanted to share this video because it’s really fascinating to see exactly how much everyday things are greenscreened in, but also because it drives home a point that I’ve been making on The Double Down Film Show for a long time now.  In the current digital age, the choice is simple – EVOLVE or DIE.

This ain’t ya mama’s filmscape anymore.   Hate it or love it, just like the advent of sound and color pictures, the Digital Evolution is here to stay… until the next big filmmaking evolution comes along and changes everything again.


I bet you never know that these were filmed with green screen! from Sherif HâgȜg Yousef on Vimeo.

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  • John says:

    Absolutely blown away by this. I knew that special effects were becoming more and more predominant in movies and TV but had no idea so many of the visuals I watch daily are done with green screen. Thanks for sharing this, Anthony. You rocked my world today…in a good way! :-)

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah, pretty crazy right John? I had no idea either that everyday mundane things were being greenscreened. I heard on an interview somewhere I think that in some cases it was more expensive for them to green screen locations than to actually use the real thing… irony.

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