PEEP THIS: My Vintage Interview w/ George Lucas (circa 1998)

Posted by Anthony - December 21, 2012 - Career Advice, Interviews - No Comments

So some 15 years later, I finally got around to digitizing my old Beta Demo reel and came across this little blast from the past I wanted to share with y’all.  This is a short video clip from “CORE” a teen show I worked on as a Segment Producer for  The Education Channel, shot at the opening of the Star Wars: Magic of Myth exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum.

This was one of only two solo interviews George Lucas gave this day. For those of you that own my Indie Film Boot Camp Deluxe 6-DVD set,  or read The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide this is one of the shoots that I draw my lessons from on “How to Work a Press Conference”  and my tips for “Interviewing Celebrities”.

“CORE” was created, shot and edited by my friend Alex Houston of Fiat Lux Productions. All animation and graphics by my Emmy-Award-winning animator, C. Daniel Shipp. Shot on Betacam.  This is when circa 1998 when we were all still young hungry and  fresh out of college  and starting to “earn our chops”.  Enjoy…


My Vintage Interview w/ George Lucas – Clip from “CORE” from Anthony Artis on Vimeo.


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