DSLR Cameras Evolve to Be More Video-Friendly

Posted by Anthony - August 8, 2012 - Cameras, DSLR Cameras - 1 Comment

As you all know by my past articles on DSLR cameras and my most recent book

The jury is still out for me on DSLR video.

Overall, I love that we now have an inexpensive and small form factor tool to capture high-quality HD video with a choice of prime lenses, but I’m not at all crazy about the various compromises and awkward workarounds that come with most DSLR cameras, despite the low price tag.

I honestly think DSLR’s will ultimately be just a middle step to more affordable traditional video cameras with big chips and interchangeable lenses as evidenced by the rapidly growing crop of (relatively) affordable new video cameras like the Canon C300, Digital Bolex and Black Magic Cinema Camera that have been announced in just the last year.

This new crop of compact “super chip” (my terminology) video cameras with interchangeable lenses are dropping in price with each new entry to the market.  Take away the price advantage and there’s little reason left in my mind to shoot on a DSLR photo/video camera vs. a dedicated super-chip video camera.   I give it 2-3 years tops before the price evens out.

Nevertheless, DSLR filmmaking is still the fastest growing trend in the indie and freelance world and I know a number of newcomers and video vets have wholly embraced the technology, so I wanna quickly share a few of the DSLR blog posts that I’ve read in recent weeks that you may find helpful.  The general consensus is that the new wave of DSLR camera’s have evolved to overcome many of the most annoying shortcomings  of the first generation of popular DSLR cameras…

But the question in my mind is – Which will evolve faster?  The video-friendliness of DSLR cameras? Or the price tag of the new compact “super chip” cameras?

Read and judge for yourself:


Knowing The Basics Of The Video Mode On Your DSLR Camera - by Brock Nordstrom on AE.Tutsplus.com
An overview of the various video modes and a look at the most popular DSLR’s on the market.






Summer 2012 DSLR Camera Line-up - by Brock Nordstrom on AE.Tutsplus.com

A follow up to the above article with the most recent wave of new DSLR’s that just dropped this Spring/Summer.





How to Select Lenses for DSLR Filmmaking - by LightStalking.com
Some basic advice on what to look for (and avoid) when choosing a lens for DSLR filmmaking.






“Magic Lantern” No Longer A Hack – by Joe Marine at NoFilmSchool.com
A very intriguing look at the latest version of “Magic Lantern” DSLR firmware, which has taken on the tough task of making DSLR’s perform more like traditional video cameras…and seems to be closing the gap considerably.  (BTW- If you shoot DSLR video, NoFilmSchool.com is the source for the latest in DSLR news, advice and tech.)




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