Breaking Down the Different Types of Video Cameras from No-Budget to Pro-Budget

Posted by Anthony - July 16, 2012 - Cameras, Education, Instructional DVDs, - 1 Comment

Earlier this year I put out my first ever online Video Camera Buyer’s Guide to help you sift through some of the most popular and well-reviewed prosumer and pro video cameras. While that guide provides a great overview of what’s out there, it may not necessarily help you figure out what type of video camera you want to invest in, since there are now so many choices at every budget level.

So I  put together a video segment with the help of my friends at the online video training company,, where I discuss and show you all the different classes of video cameras out there from $300 iPhones to $25,000 professional cameras and all the types in between. This is an excerpt from my brand new video course, Fundamentals of Video: Cameras and Shooting.

Subscribe to and you can check out all 3-hours of my brand new course HERE along with thousands of other video tutorials to help you better learn the craft and techniques of filmmaking, editing and Special FX.  (As always, I don’t just tell you, I show you, with dozens of illustrated animated segments and live video samples.)

Mad thanks to everyone who helped make this the most popular course on it’s first week out the box!


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