SPOTLIGHT: Animator, David Pagano, Drops Some (LEGO) Bricks On Ya!

Posted by Anthony - April 13, 2012 - Animation, Film School, Filmmaker Spotlight - 1 Comment

I just want to share the work of yet another one of the many talented and hard-working young filmmakers that I’ve had the fortune to meet while working at NYU film school.  He’s one of those rare young film students that’s totally living out their filmmaking dreams just a few short years after graduation doing what he loves best- stop motion LEGO animation… for the LEGO company.

Check out the Making of the LEGO Red Brick Sagas video created by his production company, Paganomation, then peep some of the LEGO Red Brick Saga short videos, just a few of the very cool films he’s created to promote the latest LEGO sets.  These films are each less than a minute long, but took months for a Paganomation team of animators, builders and visual FX artists to plan, build, shoot and edit.

How many little kids dream dreamed about make a living playing with LEGO?  Well, the hardest working, best-prepared and most fortunate ones actually get to do it.

What’s your dream filmmaking job?  And what can you start doing RIGHT NOW to be prepared for the opportunity to really do it should it arise?  Figure out the answer to those questions and start crafting your own filmmaking reality, y’all.  David did it and YOU can too


The Making of The LEGO Red Brick Sagas

LEGO Red Brick Saga #1 – Pirates of the Caribbean

LEGO Red Brick Saga #2 – Harry Potter

LEGO Red Brick Saga #3 – Alien Conquest


LEGO Red Brick Saga #4 – Star Wars

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