TOOLZ: New Galileo Pan/Tilt Head Opens Up All-New Cellphone Cinema Possibilities

Posted by Anthony - March 22, 2012 - Cell Phone Cinema, Cinematography, Equipment - 1 Comment

As you know, I’ve been exploring the blossoming new world of cellphone cinema on this blog lately  and have discovered many cool new hardware and software tools that make cell phone cinema something to be taken seriously.  Well, add to the list this unique little tool called Galileo that ups the cellphone cinema ante yet another notch with an affordable remote robotic pan/tilt head for the the iPhone 4 and 4s and the iPod Touch.  Check it out in action:

The Galileo is not yet available, but being offered for as a reward for anyone that donates  $85 to the campaign to fund the first round of production (expected delivery is June 2012 and free shipping for orders in the U.S.).  Which is a nice discount since the retail price after release this summer is expected to be $129.00.

This is obviously a big enhancement to video chatting via phone, but I think the possibilities of such a device for filmmakers are wide open from nature photography, to music videos, to undercover doc footage, to time-lapse, to sports coverage and beyond.  With a little imagination, the Galileo may solve a number of filmmaking problems and when you add in the possibilities that become apparent as apps are developed to control this device it really opens up whole new avenues of cellphone cinema creativity.

I’m not one to jump on a new equipment band wagon that quickly (certainly not with my wallet), but at only $85 this one seems like a winner I’m willing to bet on in the development stage.  I’ll post a review when  get it in my hands this summer.

If you’d like to support the development of Galileo or read more info check out their full campaign HERE.

(*Much thanks to my man, Greg Payton, of C3 Stories for sharing the tip!)

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