Check Canon’s Hot New C300 In-Action in This New Music Video

Posted by Anthony - February 15, 2012 - Cameras, Cinematography, Music Video - No Comments

A few weeks ago I posted a some very impressive (and funny) test footage shot by my man Jon Yi on Canon’s brand-spanking-new-hasn’t -even-shipped-yet-but-everybody-wants-it-camera the EF Lens Mount or a PL Lens Mount.

A lot of you seemed to be intrigued and excited by this new big chip video cam- which has a DSLR chip in a modular video form factor with all the requisite big boy camera features professionals look for.  It can be as compact as a standard-sized camcorder or built up and out like a Red camera.


Well, Jon just shot me an email to share his latest hands-on demo that gives the camera a thorough workout. It’s a music video for Math the Band entitled, “Four to Six”.  It was directed by Jon and Edited by my Sam Goetz (both NYU alums). Click play below and see what all the C300 fuss is about for yourself…



Also check out the behind-the-scenes video below to see the camera in-action on the set. It’s a great primer on the inner-workings of a music video production and how the creative team all work together to realize a vision.

(*If you like what you see and decide to get a Canon EOS C300 for yourself, please consider purchasing it through one of the above Down and Dirty DV affiliate links to B&H Photo and Video.  It doesn’t cost you a dime more, but helps support all the free info and resources I provide here at Down and Dirty DV.)

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