Gasland Director Josh Fox Arrested for Shooting Congressional Meeting

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Josh Fox Arrested - Earthworks (1)

(Photo courtesy of  Earthworks)

A few different people have recently asked me about the viability of making money making a documentary film.  (After I stopped laughing) I basically told them that there are many great reasons to make a documentary and “making money” didn’t even make the top 20.  Educating the public, bringing attention to a society, profiling a unique individual, advocating an issue or trying to enact social or legislative change are all among the best in my opinion.

But whatever the reason, you need to be 100% committed to your subject, because you will be studying, writing, fundraising, shooting, editing, discussing and promoting that subject for years to come, so it better be something that you’re passionate about and are willing to go to the mat for.

Such is the case with Oscar-nominated Gasland director, Josh Fox, who has dedicated the last several years of his life to jump-starting a national dialogue about the environmental impact of the controversial gas drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”.   (To be clear about the importance of Josh’s mission – fracking is only an issue that affects you if you or your loved ones drink or bathe in water.)

How committed, you ask?  Well, in Josh’s case committed means willing to be arrested  for daring to tape a public congressional meeting on fracking.  Just shy of a year ago I interviewed Josh on the Double Down Film Show.  His passion for the issue was evident and he was keenly aware that powerful forces would continue to oppose his efforts to shine a bright spotlight on fracking.

If you haven’t seen Gasland, I highly encourage you to put it in your Netflix cue or watch it on HBO Go now and stay tuned for Josh’s sequel on HBO.


Gasland Trailer 

Listen to my exclusive interview with Oscar-nominated director Josh Fox on Episode #63 of The Double Down Film Show by clicking the play button below and go to his website to get down with ’cause.

I salute you Josh Fox.  Keep giving ‘em hell and don’t back down, man! Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention…I like drinking and bathing in clean water.




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