Digital Hippo Proclaims: “Officially one of the best ‘how to’ books on film-making that I have had in my hands.”

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The Digital Hippo website just posted the first in-depth review of The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide and I couldn’t be more pleased.  Not just because it’s a good review, but moreso because the review cited all the things I was really struggling to get right in crafting the content, tone and style of the book – a fully-illustrated, user-friendly, plain-spoken, no bullshit, practical reference guide to help filmmakers at all levels.  (I know, it’s a mouthful…but so is the book.)

Anyway, if you haven’t copped your copy yet, read the Digital Hippo review by Jason Spencer and see what you’re missing…

I’m checking out another book from the good folks over at Focal Press, and this one is a monster. It took me a while to get through it, and I already want to go back and re-read some sections. Anthony Q. Artis is a freelance filmmaker who seems to have dabbled in nearly every aspect of the craft and took extensive notes. This book is all about teaching others how to navigate the rough waters of freelance film-making without drowning in mistakes. It’s officially one of the best “how to” books on film-making that I have had in my hands

Read the rest of the Digital Hippo Book Review


If you like what you read, you can get discounted copies direct from me at 20% OFF the cover price HERE.  I personalize each one with your name (or a friend’s name if it’s a gift) and sign each and every copy.  If you’d like a short custom message or specific word of inspiration you’d like from me, I’ll also add that too…cause that’s how I get down for fellow filmmakers.

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