A First Look at Canon’s Juicy New EOS C300

Posted by Anthony - November 30, 2011 - Cameras, Cinematography - 8 Comments

By now most of you know that I have mixed feelings about DSLR cameras… love the chips and superior image quality, but hate the awkward “franken rigs” and lack of basic video-friendly features that most pros rely on. The industry is starting to remedy the DSLR dilemma for pro shooters that want to capture gorgeous big-chip images, but with a fully functional video-friendly  camera.

The Red Camera, Panasonic’s AF-100 and Sony’s F3 (featured in my all-new Camera Buyer’s Guide) are examples of such big-chip video cameras.  Now Canon is entering the fray a year later, but right on time with the very juicy new Canon EOS C300.  While the image-quality of the new crop of big-chip dedicated video cameras is comparable to the popular DSLR cameras, the prices are not as most of the new crop is well above the $15K mark once you outfit it with a good zoom or set of prime lenses.

Check out this impressive test shot by my man Jonathan Yi, now a teaching colleague and a talented D.P. who I’m proud to say worked with me in the Production Center back when he was just a student at NYU.  And like all the best students, I now have lessons to learn from him.

(*Thanks to my man Pete over at Double 7 Images for the tip off.)

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  • Steve Noble says:

    Too cool, “Dear Santa……”
    What a sweet camera, I had a feeling the 5D would be replaced with something light years better. Thank you for sharing Ant :)

  • chip brandstetter says:

    Dear Santa…

  • It’s a good looking cam. I gotta have the option to add the top handle for steady shots though. It looks like that can be purchased separately. Shots look good. I wonder why they were doing the 48 fps rather than going up to 60. It would be good if they were able to get 60 fps@ 1080 instead of 720 also. I wonder how it compares technically and visually to the Panny AG AF100, Arri Alexa, and Songy F3. Pricey cam!!! TLegacy

    • Anthony says:

      No doubt there will be a number of side-by-side tests coming soon. Image competition in the big-chip video arena is starting to get thick…hopefully price competition will start to come into play soon too!

  • [...] (Right now there is a rapidly growing crop of large format video cameras, such as the hot new Canon EOS 300 (photo at right), but they are much much pricier than the average DSLR.) Time will tell, but for [...]

  • Comrade Emmanuehi Ehisblue says:

    I Love Canon EOS Products,I have been using Canon EOS,since 12 years for Creative Photography Wedding/ Birthday & Events .

  • Vale says:

    This is such a coincidence: I just buoght a Canon G11 point&shoot yesterday after shooting with nothing but DSLRs for years. I had it narrowed down to the S90 and the G11 after reading reviews such as yours but decided to go for the slightly bigger and heavier camera because it offered a few more features, like a viewfinder and a faster response time. I’m testing it now in hopes that I can bring it with me on trips and leave my SLR on its tripod in my photography studio (dining room). Oddly enough, after shooting with DSLRs for so long, I’m having to re-learn how to use a point & shoot.

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