One-of-a-Kind TV Internship Adventure on the Solar Odyssey Project

Posted by Anthony - November 27, 2011 - internships - No Comments

My colleague digital media expert and post-production whiz Philip Hodgetts is part of an exciting new adventure in TV production called, Solar Odyssey.  More notably they will soon be looking for interns to spend 2-weeks onboard a small solar-powered boat traversing the 6,000 miles of waterways known as The Great Loop.  Interns will live on board during  the 2-week internship and form part of the crew during that time, with responsibility for assisting in production and post-production of the reality TV show. The project’s website states:

This is a unique opportunity, not only because of the nature of the Great Loop journey and its unique view of America, but also because this show is a living lab in evolving reality TV show technology: as we move through the journey, we will be developing cutting edge tools while working on the show.

Sounds like a hell of an adventure to me for any young filmmaker.  And as you’ve heard me say on The Double Down Film Show more than once, “I’ve never worked for free in my life…I’ve worked for no money a hundred times over, but it was never for free.  I always walked away with things much more valuable than money- such as experience, new technical knowledge, industry contacts and more.”

Well peeps, this looks like just such a valuable opportunity for those with ability to perceive it.

Get more info on the internship and Solar Odyssey Project HERE.


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