How to Train Your Clients…in 30 Days or Less

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If you shoot video as a freelance filmmaker, chances are high that you’ve had at least one client nightmare, so I thought I’d share this very funny spoof on the art of training your clients.

It’s an ebook/audiobook entitled How to Be a Better Client by  the creative studio ID29 who clearly have an edgy sense of business humor…which makes them 100% sympatico with us at Down and Dirty DV.

Here’s just a brief excerpt of what I mean:



Good clients are always honest with their creative agency.
False. If there is news that the creative agency would rather not hear – like criticism, last-minute changes, sudden deadlines and requests to make your logo bigger, it is incumbent upon the client to shield their agency from such news and continue in an otherwise positive direction as chosen by the agency. Hint: Follow your agency’s lead; don’t upset them or they’re likely to get moody, angry or sorry they allowed you to work with them in the first place…


Go here to download the full hilarious ID29 ebook or audiobook:
How to Be a Better Client


On the serious side of the issue though, the world of freelance video is an excellent training ground for aspiring narrative and documentary filmmakers.  Indeed, it’s often the only way we can actually make a living creating original videos.  And the only way we can do it without going insane is to master the art of dealing with clients.

In The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide (which is being printed on factory presses as I write – in glorious and glossy full-color I might add), both myself and Pete Chatmon discuss a number of issues – logistical, business and psychological – that you must consider when dealing with clients.

One thing that the above spoof is 100% accurate about is that it is vital that you steer these relationships carefully so that you land the client, manage their expectations, and make sure they walk away happy and come back for more.

Check out some of Pete’s practical advice for landing clients and “training” them to give you what you need to best do your job in this little excerpt from my new book entitled, The Client Dance.  


The Client Dance (.pdf download – 2.2MB)

Like what you read?  Well, you can order your signed copy of
The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide HERE.
(Shipping December 14th)

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