SNEAK PEEK: Motion Design = Production Value

Posted by Anthony - November 14, 2011 - Animation, Corporate Video, Editing - No Comments

VIDEO: “What is Motion Design?”

I wanted to share this informative video on the use of Motion Design by the very cool people at Motion Plus Design in Paris.  As my partner in grind, Pete Chatmon, has pointed out on more than one occasion- now that everyone and their mama can afford a camera and wants to call themselves a filmmaker, one of the things that can still really separate your work from theirs is motion design or video graphics as I often refer to them.  You can can get good HD images with minimal experience, but it takes some skills to pull off good motion design like that featured in the videos on this post.

These motion design elements not only help to distinguish your videos, but they can really add some much-needed production value and spice up any project, especially projects that are heavy on talking heads.  As the video above points out, “motion design” is similar to and overlaps animation, but is not the exact same as straight “animation”.   Me and Pete recently directed a campaign of promotional videos that were edited and infused with clever motion designs by Giga Shane of Boat Safety Films.  (see photo and video below)

Giga’s After Effects motion design magic not only helped stylize the videos, but served to help tell the story in a way that was fresh, creative and visual instead of just leaving the audience to listen to the subject being interviewed.  You can check out the videos for that campaign here: Clive Davis Institute Campaign.

In my new book, The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide, I talk about the storytelling power of motion design on text and graphics to take your projects to the next level.  The book will be dropping by December 14th  and is available for pre-orders right here, right now.  (*If you order from this site directly, I will sign and personalize each copy.)

Here’s a sneak-peek download of a page from one of several project case-studies in the book.  On this page I break down some of the creative decisions that went into the motion design and it’s effect on the S-T-O-R-Y.  Get the all-new Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide to read the entire 6-page case-study including crew, schedule, locations and break downs of all the major creative and logistical decisions that went into the video.


FREE Sneak Peek Download  of a case-study page here:
Case Study – Graphic Text – Clive Davis Institute (.pdf download)


Case Study Video: “Clive Davis Institute – Future Music Moguls Program”

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