The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide is COMING – December 14, 2011!

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The long awaited follow up to my first book, The Shut Up and Shoot Documentary Guide (the #1 documentary filmmaking book on, is about to drop and I am now taking discounted pre-orders right here, right now for “The Shut Up and Shoot Freelance Video Guide”.  (Shipping starts December 14, 2011) This new offering is all about producing better freelance videos and making more money making video.

My premise is simple: We are all filmmakers, but very very few of us actually make our livings by making personal films.  There is simply very little if any money in indie filmmaking by itself.  Instead we help other people and companies make their films, work in another industry all together OR we direct and produce video works for hire.  The problem as I see it is this is a case of everyone doing it, but no one actually teaching it.

  • How does one go about landing clients?
  • What cameras are best for freelance gigs?
  • What should should you consider when shooting live events?
  • How can you capture intimacy at weddings?
  • What is “shooting for the cut” and how is it done?
  • How can you best troubleshoot an audio problem? 
  • Who’s your best friend at a live music venue?
  • How should you slate a commercial?
  • What are the main legal issues involved in freelance video?

…The answers to these and a thousand more pressing questions are all answered in “The Shut Up an Shoot Freelance Video Guide”.  I wrote this book with a single purpose- to help you take your video production to the next level and avoid all the most common mistakes that others only discover the hard way.


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