Double 7 Images Porsche 911 x 7 Campaign – Video #4 – “GoPro Porsche”

Posted by Anthony - November 10, 2011 - Cameras, Corporate Video, Equipment, Stunts and Special FX - No Comments

So apart from having some fun in the Porsche 911 GTS Cabriolet, this shoot was really a chance for me to see what these GoPro HeroCam’s could do.  Of course, it took a psychological leap of faith to attach two $300 devices via a suction cup and drive upwards of 90 m.p.h., but the suction cups worked like a champ and neither unit came off.

One thing I would highly recommend that we had for this shoot is purchasing the optional LCD screen backs ($80; photo at right) that you can get for these cameras.  They are 10x easier and more practical to use when you have a screen.  Otherwise, straight out the box they don’t have a screen and the only way to see your shot is by hooking up to a monitor or computer after you’ve shot it, which is a real pain in the ass if you are capturing action, particularly things that you can only shoot once or twice.

Check out the shots in this video.  We pretty much break down all the camera positions we used if you wanna know how we got certain driving shots. Imagine all the possibilities of the unique perspectives you can get with these cameras for any kind of project.  I also recently purchased the GoPro 3-D System which is a special housing and cable that connects 2 cameras and hope to soon show you some sample 3-D footage from what amounts to a $700.00 unit.  I saw the 3-D GoPro System unit in action at NAB, and I gotta be honest, the 3-D footage looked better than the footage that was on display from camera units that cost $20,000.   (A rep from one of the companies even said so himself.)   No joke.   So stay tuned for that and in the meantime, enjoy video #4 in the Double 7 Images’  new Porsche “911 x 7″ campaign entitled “GoPro Porsche”.

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