A Point-By-Point Separation of Fact from Fiction on the New FCP X

Posted by Anthony - June 23, 2011 - Editing - 1 Comment

The internet is all abuzz with rumors and complaints about the brand-new FCP X…mostly from people that haven’t even used or seen it in-person yet, but are never-the-less is a blind tizzy about the radical new changes (and they are radical)  in the most popular editing software on the market.

Seeing the throngs of pro editors taking to the streets with pitchforks, my man, David Pogue, the technology writer for the NY Times,  tries to quell the angry mob with a breezy point-by-point examination of rumor vs. reality in the new FCP X release.

Read it HERE.

I left for vacation right after I posted this, but the Great FCP X  Debate continued in my absence, so in the interest of fairness and offering another perspective, here is my colleague, Richard Harrigton’s point-by-point rebuttal to David Pogue’s point-by-point article on the ever-controversial FCP X.

Richard Harrigton’s Response




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One Comment

  • Hicham says:

    Very interesting post.But prttey much everything you mentioned you’d like to see in the new FCP are features Premiere Pro already have since CS4, and a few were added in CS5. I’m a very inexperienced editor and I’m well aware that FCP is sort of the standard in the industry (at least it used to be).So, my question is, why just don’t switch to Premiere Pro instead?Best,D.

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