Completely Revamped Final Cut Pro X Drops Today to Cheers (and Controversy)

Posted by Anthony - June 21, 2011 - Announcements, Editing - No Comments

Today Apple released it’s much anticipated and debated completely rebuilt editing software, Final Cut Pro X.  I was at the FCP Users Group Supermeet at the annual N.A.B. Conference in Las Vegas this year when they made the announcement to a room of rabid FCP editors and I swear it sounded like one of the Oprah episodes where she gives away cars to everyone in the audience…only they were applauding new editing software features.   Peep this in-depth write up from Ars Technica for a look under the hood of the new FCP and why it will be controversial for some old-school hardcore editors, but a Godsend for some Down and Dirty cutters.

Read the full write-up HERE.

Official Apple FCP X page HERE.

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