Episode #51 – Veteran Hollywood DP – Julio Macat

Posted by Anthony - September 27, 2010 - Career Advice, Cinematography, Double Down Film Show - 3 Comments

On this episode of the  Double Down Film Show we’ll discuss building a career in cinematography with veteran Hollywood Director of Photography, Julio Macat.

Julio is the man behind the images of some of the most popular comedy movies of the last decade including Home Alone, Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Wedding Crashers, and more.

·What previous job gave him a lot of confidence as a young DP?

·How can you best learn the language of lighting?

·How did he survive his first big job as a DP?

·What should you shoot on your first reel?

·What type of people succeed as DP’s?

Tune in and soak up some filmmaking wisdom and insight as a veteran studio image-maker shares his best no-nonsense tips and career advice only on The Double Down Film Show.Listen and learn and we’ll help you earn!

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