A Great Doc About Docs

Posted by Anthony - June 1, 2009 - Education - No Comments

As I blog this I’m engrossed in a great documentary airing on The Documentary Channel…about making documentaries of all things. It’s entitled Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary (2008) and it’s totally got me jonesing to go out and shoot a new doc right now. If you are stuck on a doc project and need some motivation or inspiration to get it going again, you should definitely give it a peep.

It’s a series of interviews with a dozen or so of the most influential doc makers on the planet including Werner Herzog, Errol Morris, Jennifer Fox, Albert Maysles, and many many more. It’s a great little slice f film school and inspiration as these world class docmakers share everything about their approach from how they use the camera, to developing relationships with subjects, to how they use sound.

I don’t see it listed as airing again until Saturday morning, June 6, but this one’s worth owning of you are a serious docmaker. It’s the kind of flick I can see watching a few times a year to refocus and reignite my film passion. (American Movie is the other doc that does that for me in a weird sort of way.)

Anyway, peep it out and let me know your thoughts. I’ve gotta go bang out some treatments now! My head is exploding with ideas

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